Rik Beyen

C++ Programmer


  • Polygonal vornoi diagram insertion & deletion
  • Medial axis
  • A*
  • Texture based polygonal voronoi diagram
  • Convex geometry to silhouette converter

Explicit corridor maps


Navmesh and pathfinding algorithm utilizing the properties of a polygonal voronoi diagram. Pathfinding uses A* and knows the closest geometrical point along each path, allowing agents of all sizes to navigate the same navmesh. The navmesh generation is in C# and creates a voronoi graph with medial axis that utilize the gpu. My cpu implementation is completely different using local insertion and deletion of cells on the cpu and is in C++. This method updates the voronoi map in near-constant time and can be found here. Main paper used for inspiration here.



Deferred Rendering


An OpenGL render engine supporting forward rendering, deferred shading, and deferred lighting rendering pipelines. Each pipeline is measured and documented. In addition to raw performance I also looked at how well certain post processing effects could be integrated for each pipeline. [Link to document]



Special Effects


A variety of effects with a wide range of techniques using my own CG framework and OpenGL.




Software Rasterizer


A rasterization program which simulates the complexity of rendering actual complex 2D/3D geometry. All the rendering is done on the cpu.



  • Animation blending
  • Outline shader
  • Soft particles
  • Direction, Spot, and Point lights
  • Depth of field
  • Water reflection
  • Heat distortion
  • Simulated water
  • Reflection & refraction cube mapping
  • Shadow mapping
  • Beers law
  • HSV correction
  • Diffuse & normal mapping
  • Shore softness
  • Water reflection
  • Lensflare
  • Procedural day & night cycle
  • Textures
  • Backface culling
  • OBB frustum culling
  • Perspective & sub-pixel/texel correct
  • Parenting system
  • Clipping
  • Inset
  • Obj loader
  • Gaussian & Cross sample anti-aliasing
  • Volumetric light scattering
  • Custom model format
  • Directional, Spot, and Point lights
  • Deferred shading
  • Deferred lighting
  • Forward rendering
  • Interlaced alpha rendering
  • Glow
  • Cubemap reflections
  • World & screen space SSAO
  • N bones per vertex GPU skinning
  • Directional lights
  • Texture masking
  • Object selection buffer
  • Realtime procedural textures
  • Realtime procedural terrain
  • Perlin noise
  • Texture blending
  • Voronoi diagram
  • Cellular / worley noise
  • Fractional brownian motion
  • Procedural spheres & cylinders

Procedural Terrain


An application that uses a variety of algorithms to procedurally generate primitives, textures, and (infinite) terrain in OpenGL.





GPU Cloth Simulation


Cloth simulation on both cpu and gpu (OpenCL). GUI was done with GWEN.

The cloth uses Verlet integration and iterative constraint satisfaction of structural, shear and bending springs. In the application you can play with certain spring settings, including damping, rest length, spring iterations per cycle, and number of total iterations per cycle.